our one offer

Broadband, for good.

By putting customers first and making it simple. With one great deal, for one low price, on one monthly rolling contract.

Oh, and we’ve made switching super easy too. 


a month.
£60 setup cost.


average download speed.
Average upload speed of 17Mb/s.

1 month

rolling contract.
No exit fees.

7-14 days

average switch time.
Usually no engineer visit.

Get totally unlimited downloads, line rental and the Cuckoo router included with our deal.

£29.99 a month

£60 setup cost

Prices in line with the big guys, but you’re not locked in. One month rolling. No exit fees. You’ll always be on our best price. Nearly all providers increase prices once your contract ends. We don’t.

*Prices may rise with inflation.

Reliable broadband

Our single fibre deal has average download speeds of 67Mb/s (upload speeds of 17Mb/s) and is perfect for busy families or shared homes with everyone using the internet at the same time. This is ideal for Netflix, gaming, downloading, and streaming HD TV on multiple devices. And it's unlimited.
Some addresses will receive lower speeds; we'll let you know before you sign up what speed you can expect if you join us.

No more evil out of contract price rises

Every day 25,000 households see their contracts come to an end. Most broadband providers choose to increase prices when this happens. We think that's unfair. With Cuckoo's one-month rolling deal you'll always be on our best price.
UK based support
The Cuckoo support team are the best of the best. They’ll get you up and running in a flash and sort any issues even faster.
Set your own Wi-Fi details
With Cuckoo, you can set your Wi-Fi name and password when you sign-up. Say good bye to random, forgettable codes. Creativity encouraged.

Router included

Our Wi-Fi hub is an easy-to-set-up, high-quality wireless router. Worth £82+ RRP. It delivers a strong, fast, reliable Wi-Fi signal. It’s multi-device ready and optimised for the Cuckoo network.
It cancels out background interference to keep your devices connected in more areas of your home. Whether you’re on a mobile device or laptop it ensures that high-quality video transmission is guaranteed when it’s needed most. It also dynamically shifts you onto the best frequency depending on how close you are to the router. Nifty. 

For all your broadband nerds, our router is the Technicolor DWA0120.

You're doing good

Join us and 1% of your bill will help more people benefit from the power of the internet.  You’ll even get to choose what projects we support. We call it the Cuckoo Compass.
At the moment, we’re partnering with Jangala to get reliable connections into conflict zones, disaster sites and developing communities.

How broadband actually works

As an Internet Service Provider or broadband company, we are the enablers; we switch customers. Fix issues. Do good. At Cuckoo we have coined what we feel is the best analogy when it comes to explaining what we do: "the 3 layered cake".


This is the average download speed our customers get. It’s perfect for Netflix, gaming, downloading, and streaming HD TV on multiple devices. Average upload speed of 17Mb/s.

£60 set-up cost

This one-off charge pays for connecting you to our network.
We plan on giving some of this back to our loyal customers.

Wi-Fi router included

An easy-to-set-up, high quality wireless router included. Worth £82+ RRP. Just plug in and go!

No download limits

Cuckoo’s Unlimited Fibre broadband. Never any data caps. The sky's your limit!

UK support team

Line rental included

We’d like to remove landlines completely but sadly the network we use requires it.

Do good

We believe the internet is as important as water, food and energy. More than 1 billion people have no access to the internet in developing countries.

This is why 1% of your bill goes into Cuckoo Compass. To help get the internet to places it’s needed most. Places such as conflict zones, natural disaster sites and developing communities.

Do good, simply by being on our network.

No evil price rises

With a one month rolling contract, you’ll always be on our best price. Unlike the big broadband companies, we don’t charge you more the longer you’re with us. 

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