New year’s revolution. No more lengthy broadband contracts.

Why do I pay a join fee?

When you sign up to use our service, we pay a switchover fee to Openreach. They run the network, and they'll typically need to send an engineer to visit the Cabinet (that green box) outside your house to get you up and running. 🏃‍♀️ Our join fee helps pay their lunch money.

We also pay the upfront cost of a router for you - that's free for you as long as you send it back to us when you're done with it. 👍

A join fee means that we can offer you an affordable monthly price without forcing you into a long contract. We think it's much fairer.

We're trying to find ways to reduce the cost for you - for example, by letting you use your existing router from your previous provider. That would save you money and help the planet. So watch this space.

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