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Is my router broken?

We're sorry that you're having issues with your router. If you haven't already, check out this page. It might help you narrow down what exactly your issue is.

Every now and then there are underlying issues with the router itself. However, this is rare - only about 1% of returned routers are actually broken.

Therefore, please carry out all of the steps below, look at our other Q&A pages, and try out the community forum before contacting us about a router replacement.

Here are some actions you can take:

  1. Plug your Wi-Fi router into your master socket, and not an extension. This will be the largest socket in your house - normally found near your front door or in a hallway
  2. Check that your router is set up properly - that all the wires are connected securely and you have your microfilter on
  3. Position your router correctly:
    - Upright
    - Facing towards you
    - In the middle of your home
    - Unobstructed by walls or furniture (especially not in a cupboard)
    - Not on the floor
    - Away from electrical devices like cordless phones and microwaves - these can interfere with your signal
  4. Turn it on and off again. This does the trick a surprisingly high number of times. 🙂 If you're using the same router that we sent you (the DWA0120):
    - Locate the power button on your router
    - Press it and wait 10 seconds before rebooting. For a more comprehensive reboot, leave it off for 3 minutes
    - The lights will blink as the router goes through its start-up routine
    - Once the lights turn solid green, your router has rebooted
  5. Finally, perform a factory reset on your router. A factory reset allows the router to resync and re-programme all its details, which is particularly important if any network parameters have changed (e.g. part of your local network has been upgraded). ⚠ Warning: this will erase any manual changes you've made to the router (e.g. if you've changed its name).
    - To perform a factory reset, carry out the above steps and then insert a straightened paper clip into the reset hole on your router (next to the power button)
    - Hold the paper clip in the hole for ten seconds before letting go

If you still need to get in touch, please select the chat option at the bottom right of the screen.

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