New year’s revolution. No more lengthy broadband contracts.

How do I connect a device to the Wi-Fi?

It’s all about your router name and password 🔢

  1. You can find these details on the back of your router, assuming you're using the one we sent you
  2. You can also find your details by logging in to Cuckoo, selecting My Cuckoo, and then Account overview
  3. Select your router's name on your device
  4. Enter your Wi-Fi Password
  5. Surf. 🌊
Cuckoo corner 🐣

"Can freckled August, — drowsing warm and blonde

Beside a wheat-stock in the white-topped mead,

In her hot hair the ox-eyed daisies wound, —

O bird of rain, lend aught but sleepy heed

To thee? when no plumed weed, no feather'd seed

Blows by her; and no ripple breaks the pond,

That gleams like flint between its rim of grasses,

Through which the dragon-fly forever passes Like splintered diamond."

The Rain-Crow by Madison Cawein (1865-1914) (A rain-crow is another name for a cuckoo)

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