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Why was I charged more than I expected?

There are three main reasons why you may have a larger bill than you were expecting.

Your first bill will include the days you were live in month 1, then the full cost of month 2. For example, if you went live on 15th September, your first bill (at the end of October) would cover the 15 days in September, plus the £29.99 for October. At roughly £1 per day, this would be £44.99.

If this is not the case, check your online bill for any calls made on your landline. We've got a handy chart that shows you what your costs are.

If neither of the above reasons have helped, it could be an Openreach engineer you requested. If you have asked for an engineer visit when it turns out there is no underlying problem with the network, or the problem is to do with your equipment, then you may be charged. The fee you'd have to pay is £80 for the first hour and £50 for each hour after that. You would also be charged if you missed an appointment that you had requested.

The billing page of your account spells out all your charges. Please check this before contacting us. To find your bills:

  • Log in
  • Select My Cuckoo
  • Click on My bills

If you still need to get in touch, please select the chat option at the bottom right of the screen.

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